An American makes plans to move to Taiwan.


Episode 1 has been posted!

After a long time and a lot of work, it is completed and online! Check it out:

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Taiwan Dreamin'

Episode 0 is complete and i will be uploading it tomorrow. 0 is just a intro to Taiwan, Episode 1 will be focused on temples and religious type things like that.

I am using my Taiwan Dreamin' promo to warm things up on YouTube and advertise the posting of Episode 0. I plan to post episode 1 a day after 0 to help boost interest in the show. I hope that I can get a lot of views, and more importantly comments.

My father will be here soon and I will have a chance to get a lot of video. Things like Taipei 101, Hualien, the night markets, and other things will be easier and more fun to film with two people.

So please go and support my video on YouTube here:

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10 - 29... my father will be here soon!

My father and I almost had our brains exploding due to a strangely typed itinerary page. In the end I discovered that the date listed only applied to the departure and not the arrival, so he will leave on 10-28 and arrive on 10-29. Glad to figure itout, but it also means I'll lose a day of hanging out time...

I am one step closer to completing my Taiwan Dreamin' episode 1, I may also make and episode 0 which is just a short introduction to Taiwan. I just uploaded my footage today and I think I have enough to make a full episode.

I also spent a few minutes to give a tour of my house, check it out here:


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10 / 10

Today is 10 - 10 day, independence day for Taiwan. I didn't have to go to work but it doesn't seem that there are any special things going on. To be honest I don't know much about the independence day and I'm sure that people who believe Taiwan is not independent from China would ignore this holiday.

I recently got a few photos of myself teaching. Here you can see one of them.

This student I am swatting is Oscar. He, like many of my students, is full of energy and pretty funny. Of course they can drive me insane sometimes, but overall I am still enjoying teaching.

I went out driving around today and took a few photos. I just looked at the map and drove north on one of the bigger roads. I came across this small Temple so I took a photo. It was across the street from a big stadium, I'll upload more pictures to Flickr later.

Also I discovered Donald Duck condoning cannibalism on a sign over a shop selling roasted ducks. Teacher Jen once pointed out that there are a lot of signs in Taiwan with a cartoon animal suggesting that you eat it. "Please come and kill me and eat my flesh, thank you!"

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Temple MANIA!

Guan Yu sitting atop Nantian Temple, yours truly in the foreground

Well I went and took some photos of the exterior of three different temples. Baojue, with a huge statue of Milefo (Budai / Hotei / Laughing Buddha,) Nantian Temple, with a huge statue of Guan Yu (Guan Di,) and another smaller Buddhist Temple near to my house.

Statue of Guatama Buddha's Succesor, Budai

I took more photos which you can see on my Flickr account here.

I also saw a funny sign, take a look:

Sign reads "Pants Kingdom: Even the biggest of birds can fit in our pants."

Here is a statue broken by the most recent Typhoon:

I took some video as well and hope to edit it with some other things I have in order to create the first episode of Taiwan Dreamin'. It shouldn't take much longer! I may be able to get chinese subtitles as well!

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