An American makes plans to move to Taiwan.



My contract has been extended so I am staying at my school for another year. I had to go and do some paperwork with taxes, take another health check, and go to immigration for more paperwork. Yesterday I went to pick up the new ARC, looks the same as the old one.

I bought a new game, Killzone 2, it is pretty fun, but the controls are kind of weird, not sure if I will stick with the online multiplayer, but the game is really pretty, great graphics. Resident Evil 5 is coming soon, can't wait for that!

I started editing Taiwan Dreamin Ep 2 before but I haven't worked on it for a long time, I need to do that some more. These past few days I have been sick with a cold or something, think I have a fever too maybe. Well I will go to work today and wednesday is my day off so I can get a lot of sleep then.

Some friends came down from Taipei to stay with me and hang out. We played a lot Street Fighter 4, and we went to a small concert in a bar, was pretty cool. We also went to an arcade and took some video of us playing the games. Another thing we did was a part of a little skit for one of my friend's Youtube channel, we both like to make videos.

Okay - I will try to keep you guys updated and finish my video - bye bye!

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