An American makes plans to move to Taiwan.


ZOMG! I had another Kidney Stone!

I am 22 and this is my 3rd Kidney stone. God it hurts so bad. I heard that it's the equivalent og child-birth pain wise.

Luckly I still had my SUPER medicine, it expired a few months ago but I took it anyway... It made me fell all happy- haha!

Well yeah... I thought I was getting better with my diet but I guess not...


Getting Settled

Well I have been here at my dads place for about 2 weeks now, I've basically got myself settled in now- feeling better about my new situation. I have been trying to not make it obvious, but this has really been a big change for me. I went from being pretty independant, living with my girlfriend, working and going to school, to living with my dad in a different city- no more school, have to get a new job. It sorta makes me feel like I did when I was 8. My parents got divorced I had to move and switch schools, a very different neihborhood too, going from a house on a street with one white kid to an apartment with 20 black kids around. That was pretty crazy but after a little while I liked it much better than the old place.

I need to find a job now but I haven't really been looking. I just got my second to last pay check from my old job. I still have money in my ususal bank account so I am not on the verge of death by any means. But I am just not feeling as motivated as I used to. Thats prolly because Jess used to beat me into shape whenever I needed to do something- I know it drove her crazy but it helped me a lot. I always liked to think I helped her relax more, but I guess I don't know.

I was working on my website some more so I can show people when I am trying to get a design job:

It also looks like I will be getting more work from Mary Jo over at

So I guess I'll be looking for computer and computer art related jobs - I just gotta get started!!


Phase 1 - Complete (sorta...)

Well the first step was to move into my dad's place. This will allow me to earn money without paying rent. I will also be able to help out my dad with the house. My mom is only about 45 mins away so I can see her too. Today is my last day at my job in Towson, so now I need to enter Phase 2, working a job in Rockville to save my money.

The hard part is deciding what kinda job to go for. I have a chance at doing freelance, but I need a job that pays well enough. I think I only need like $10 an hour to save up enough. I am still setting up my computer in my dad's place so that is causing annoyance. My dad's computer seems to be going crazy as well- it blue screens quite often.

Okay- so once I get this job I will be set- I dont forsee any financial problems in the future, I dont think I will need to make any big purchases. I just hope I have enough time to save up. I dont want to get into my savings but I might have to. I really dont want to have to stay here past the summer. I feel bad about being away from family and friends- but I dont feel bad at all about abandoning America- going down the tubes it seems...