An American makes plans to move to Taiwan.


Taiwan in January

Okay, I've decided once and for all that I'm going to Taiwan in January.

Now I feel like I really need to get on the ball to get this done. I am leaning towards Kaohsiung as the city to stay in. It's cheaper than Taipei, has more demand for foreign teachers (because most go to taipei) and its still the 2nd biggest city. I think I can get pretty cheap tickets in January. I will need a renewable visitors visa. I think I need to get the plane ticket first though. Thats the scary part! Once I have the ticket then I am going for sure and I need to get all the pieces to fall into place by that date.

I think the most difficult part will be finding a place to stay. I am really hoping to get a place where I can live on my own, like a studio apartment. I think I should be able to get that for like US$400 a month. I think the public transit is decent there and I think someone said they are getting a metro/subway system this year or something like that.

I am really feeling nervous about the whole thing but its really exciting to think about too.