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Scooter Crash!

Well I was driving to work the other day and ended up crashing my scooter. I was trying to get through an intersection as the light was turning red. One guy was getting a head start on the green light so we were both in the intersection when we shouldn't be. I swerved sharply to avoid hitting him and just wiped out crashing onto the ground. I'm not that clear on what happened but I didn't hit anyone, I landed on my shoulder and ripped a hole in my coat.

My helmet hit the ground but so did the side of my face on my cheek bone and brow. I was bleeding a lot it seemed but overall was okay. I picked up my scooter and kept driving. As I drove my vision started going white until I couldn't see anything. I guess it was the shock and adrenaline. I pulled over and just sat there resting for a while.

I continued to work where my co-worker gave me some first aid and I rested for a while before going home. Here are some photos of my face as its progressed. I'll add some pics of the damage to my scooter later.

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