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Hawaii 51

Last night I went to eat at a restaurant called Hawaii 51. The food there was really good, tasted a lot like Chilis or Fridays, same kind of selection. When I was ALMOST done with my food I bit into my ceaser chicken wrap and bit down on something hard. It wasn't hard like a bone, I mean it was HARD. I put my fingers in my mouth and pulled out a push pin. Yes, a little yellow push pin that you'd find in a cork board.

Well it didn't stab me or anything so I didn't complain to much. Just showed the waiter. The manager came and said that particular order would be free, although he didn't offer to make Ash's food free as well. Later on he brought us a chocolate cake and ice cream dessert thing.

The problem now is that I really liked the taste of the food there, and the price was a lot lower than the other places. Then again it also had a lot more push pin, haha!

Sometimes I think it's important to look past these things, it was a freak mistake. Probably one of their decorations fell down and the put pin landed in one of the pots. Weird that even the cook didnt notice it while wrapping up the chicken though...

Well maybe I will go there again, maybe not... Leave me a comment, what do you think?

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