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When my father was here in Taiwan for his visit we went to Da Keng Mountain. There are 4 trails. My ex-coworker Jen told me that trail #4, which is off in a different direction, had monkeys. She had seen one herself.

I took my dad there and we didn't see any, he also went again alone to check it out.

Well the next time I went I took my video camera and actually saw this large male monkey. So here is the video, I just basically put the entire amount of footage I got of the monkey which is about 2 mins. I whistled at the monkey a couple times, seemed he didn't like that too much. At the end you can see he shook the tree which I think is kind of a warning he is getting pissed off or territorial, that's just a guess though, I decided to leave him alone.

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Anonymous Kaminoge said...

That monkey didn't seem too bothered by the car and the people. I've seen monkeys on all four trails in Dakeng. The best time to see them might be between noon and 3pm when the afternoon heat keeps most people off the trails.

9:05 PM

Blogger Ian A. said...

To Kamingoe AKA 'Spongebear':

Thanks for the tip! An old man at the top of the mountain told me they come out around 9 or 10, but maybe he meant in the winter.

9:29 PM

Blogger Mary said...

Very nice. We both enjoyed watching it.


5:06 PM


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