An American makes plans to move to Taiwan.


Ping Dong Job

I was recently offered a job in Ping Dong City. I ended up declining for a few reasons. I wanted to make sure I had my priorities straight, and find my purpose in going to Taiwan. First priority is to get more life experience. I wanted to be more independent and force myself to take chances. I also want to learn Chinese and make money while having free time to work on my own projects.

The problems about the Ping Dong job is that the pay is low during training, with an extended training period of 3 - 5 months. I also am required to take a Chinese course in Kaohsiung city which would add an extra hour of commute to my day, as well as cost money. Also most foreigners and Taiwanese alike that I talk to prefer the north and feel its more fun and convenient, especially for people new to the country.

I want to be independent, but I don't want to take too big of a risk or make my time there unpleasant. Its about growing, not torturing myself. If I was ready to make a long term commitment then I think that job would be great, after 3 years the pay is US$30 an hour and the rent around there is about $250 a month for a three bedroom apartment. I just don't think thats a great place to start out.